Chamber Memberships

Most everyone in business knows that word-of-mouth is very important to the success of a business (if not the MOST important). I have certainly found this to be true. The best way I know to generate more word of mouth is to join networking groups and/or chambers.

Chambers are more than just a place to show up, they are opportunities to participate. I have found by accident that it's the participation in community events that help you to be known in a caring and trustworthy manner.

After joining the St Cloud Area Chamber (which is really three chambers in one: St Cloud, Sauk Rapids and Waite Park), I applied for and was excepted in the St Cloud Leadership Program. This was very rewarding and eye opening as far as learning the various aspects that make up a successful community. I got in touch with my desire to be part of a chamber governing body.

Within a year of joining the Foley Area Chamber, I let it be known I was interested in being on the executive board. I was excepted and in my fourth year on the board, I had the honor as serving as the 2010 Foley Area Chamber President. I served on the executive board to for 10 years - through December, 2017.

The most recent chamber I joined is the Rice area Chamber and am glad I did. As with the other chambers, this group is made up of a wonderful bunch of people and I'm happy to say I got business right away from joining. I'm proud to have gotten the opportunity to be the 2014-2015 Rice Area Chamber President.

To date there has been no other form of advertising that has returned so much on my investment. Not to mention the friendships and opportunities along the way.

See you at the chamber!

St Cloud Area Chamber

Member since 2006
Includes Sauk Rapids & Waite Park Chambers
Saint Cloud Area Chamber

Foley Area Chamber

Member since 2007
2010 President
Served on the Board for 10 Years
Also Chamber Site Webmaster
Foley Area Chamber

Rice Area Chamber

Member since 2011
2014-2015 President
Served on the Board for 4 Years
Also Chamber Site Webmaster
Rice Area Chamber

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