Hosting for FREE

We are not just another hosting company. What makes our hosting different is that we tend to only host websites that we design and/or are responsible for the website maintenance. And we offer monthly FREE editing which could reduce your actual hosting fee to virtually ZERO!

There are plenty of hosting companies out there now days that offer unbelievable deals on hosting. So unbelievable in fact that they are fooling you. Here's what we mean; there are tools on the Internet that let you see how many hosted websites are on a server - you may be surprised to find out that the majority of the extreme discount hosting companies have 5,000+ websites on a single server and that's how they can afford to offer hosting for around 5 bucks a month (or even less).

Here's the catch, they may also be telling their customers they can have up to 300GB of space, along with an unbelievable amount of monthly bandwidth. You don't have to be a computer geek to know how large hard drives are now days. If you have a 1024GB hard drive in you desktop PC, that's big. How the heck are those discount companies packing 5,000+ sites on their servers and then promising 300GB each? It can't happen and they are "overselling the plane." The chances of an interruption of service increases dramatically with such a high volume of websites eating up the server resources.

At WebWizard Works, we offer realistic space and bandwidth and never have more then 200 sites per server. Besides keeping our servers at a work level that's strong and reliable, our other huge advantage over discount hosting companies is that we provide WEBSITE EDITING ON A MONTHLY BASIS FOR FREE! (click here for details). If you take advantage of this free monthly editing, that's about $200/yr in savings and zero's out our $199/yr hosting fee, essentially making our hosting FREE!

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