Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don't just make websites you'll love... We Guarantee it!

All of our web design work is 100% guaranteed. If, for any reason, you are not delighted with the quality of our work, we will provide an immediate refund. That's only fair. No ifs, no buts, no hassle.

Because we work mostly on client referrals, we try to develop long-term relationships with clients to ensure the success of their sites. That's why we guarantee all of our web designs.

 Payment and Refund Policy

A 50% deposit is required to begin your new website, with the balance due upon satisfactory completion*. If you are not happy with your website design - we ask that you allow us to do what we can to fulfill your expectation, however if we are unable to do so and you decide to cancel, we will void the balance due and promptly return your design deposit back to you**.

 * Normally the balance is due upon completion of the website, however the balance may also become due if the website is substantially done and for whatever reason, the completion is being held up by the client.

 ** Refunds are not given if you have merely changed your mind about proceeding after we have built your site. If you are unhappy with how your site is progressing, you need to let us know within a reasonable amount of time before we invest more energy into a site that is not working for you. In the absence of this, it will be assumed you are satisfied.

 ** Domain name registration fees are not refundable.

Free Edits

Free Website Edits for Life!

That's right - When we build and host your website, you can receive free text edits every month if desired.

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