Search Engine Optimization

Please Note: Although this article was written many years ago, the concept is still the same.

When someone queries a search engine for a keyword related to your site's products or services, does your page appear in the first two pages of search engine position results -- or does your competition? Think about it; when you do a search, how often do you go more than three pages into the search engine results, little alone go to the 100th page? We can improve your search engine position and place you at or near the top.

Bottom line, improve position ranking in even one search engine will produce very noticeable results within 30 to 60 days of implementing our techniques.

Lets say you are a mortgage lender in Minnesota and these are the keywords you tell us you'd like to be found by:

  mortgage refinance
home refinance
  home loan
mortgage rates
  refinance rates
home loan rates

These are way too generic and have billions of results. Using the above words as a starting place, below are actual phases that people searched for during a single month on and the number of results (as of 9/2/11) that show up.

51,400,000 mn mortgage
24,800,000 mortgage refinancing mn
71,400,000 minnesota mortgage
27,600,000 minnesota mortgage loan
24,900,000 minnesota mortgage refinancing
17,300,000 minnesota refinance
3,880,000 mortgage refinance minnesota
20,500,000 minnesota refinance loan
  56,500,000 minnesota home loan refinance
19,600,000 home refinance minnesota
4,320,000 minnesota mortgage refinance loan
18,800,000 minnesota refinance home mortgage
3,830,000 minnesota mortgage rate refinance
18,700,000 minnesota refinance rate
13,200,000 minnesota mortgage interest rate
24,800,000 minnesota home mortgage loan rate

As a rule, the phrases that have the most results (or are searched for the most) are the hardest to rank high on. So while it would be great to rank high with minnesota mortgage, something like mortgage refinance minnesota would be way more achievable. We would certainly attempt to rank you high on the popular ones, at the same time we would blend in the more practical ones as a backup. You don't need to increase your hits by 30,000 to make this worth while. If the minor keywords could bring you 3,000 new visitors a month, than this project would be a whopping success.

Search engine optimization is done by the page as oppose to by the site. As a rule you don't want to try to rank any given page for more than one keyword phrase (plus similar variation of that phrase). So with the above list of words we would recommend we pick two of your sites pages to tweak. One page would be geared towards Minnesota mortgage and variations and another page for minnesota home loans and variations. You could decide to have a third page geared toward minnesota second mortgage, maybe a fourth one for Minnesota mortgage rates and so on.

Our fee is a one time charge of $399/$299* for the 1st page, which includes submiting your site to the search engines (normally $79). If you'd like your site found by even more keyword phrases, additional pages optimized are $333/$199* per page. You could pay other services a lot more (in the thousands), but our clients like us because we keep the expectations real and don't charge an arm and a leg to do it, plus we don't charge a monthly fee afterwards.

(* Reflects a 25% discount if we also host your website.)

We can not offer a guarantee on the results, if your looking for a guarantee be prepared to dig deep into your pockets with some hi-buck firm. However we are good and we are careful to to take jobs we feel are achievable. We have many references we can provide of clients that are literally making thousands of extra dollars because of the search engine placement we have achieved for them.

It could task up to 6 to 8 weeks after we optimize your site to be reindexed and see results.

Let us know if you have any question or if you're ready to start now.

Pervasive Myth

There's a pervasive myth that simply submitting your Web site to hundreds of search engines will increase traffic to your site. That's just not true.

Top 20 Positions

Studies show pages indexed into the top 20 positions of a search engine results, frequently see 500 to 1,000 new visitors referred from a single search engine every day - results vary depending on the search engine and keywords.

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